Is it possible to imagine the social world without constant construction and de- construction? Metamorphoses are a part of our everyday life. Perhaps they always have been, it is just that they are getting faster, as social life is becoming increasingly fast and, in Zygmunt Bauman's terms, liquid. At the 31st conference we want to continue the discussions on topics so vital to SCOS: movement, change, creation… The recent themes were related: Recovery in Istanbul (2011) and Transience, Transitions and Transformations in Barcelona (2012). We would like to reflect on all that has been and add an extra twist. We would like to invite you to think in terms of what is created and what is destroyed, found and lost, born and dead... we invite you to join us on the journey of exploring de-construction, as it happens in organizational life in acts of creativity, entrepreneurship and organizational art. It is also an opportunity to reflect of SCOS itself, the way it has been changing over time and the way it has reflected on change. As in David Bowie's song, you cannot trace time – but you can try to de-construct it.

The 31st SCOS conference will take place in July 2013. It will be held at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw (Poland). The University is one of the two leading universities (along with Jagiellonian University in Cracow) in Poland. The University of Warsaw was founded in 1816, and now is the biggest university in Poland, with over 6000 employees and around 65000 of students (in over 100 different specializations). It creates excellent opportunities for scientific discussions, as well as international events. The university is a lively and engaging place to work and study with a flourishing intellectual and cultural life and a commitment to a scholarly tradition.

The conference will be held on the Szturmowa Campus (in the southern part of Warsaw, see the map below). Basic information about the University of Warsaw can be found here:
Keynote speakers include Professor Monika Kostera (University of Warsaw, Poland), George Cairns (RMIT, Australia) and Slawomir Magala (Erasmus University, NL).

We also plan for a number of metamorphoses on-sight in form of social and cultural events with plenty of good food and drink during the conference. One of the events will be held in one of the theaters in Warsaw where we can consider the play of metamorphoses: who are the actors and who is the audience? The taken for granted notions need to be re-thought in order to let creativity happen. Some artistic events will take place during the conference will also help to make this possible.